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Happy Wives Club: One Woman's Worldwide Search For The Secrets Of A Great Marriage (2014)

by Fawn Weaver(Favorite Author)
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1400205042 (ISBN13: 9781400205042)
Thomas Nelson
review 1: This was like a breath of fresh air! I took the time to read this while my husband is deployed, so that when he comes home, I can be an even better version of the wife I have been thus far. It's not that my marriage is in detrimental shape, or that we're struggling, but no one is a 10 (as this book so lovingly points out), and there is always room for improvement. I think this book helped me look inwards, and see little things that I can change, or work on changing, to make our lives smoother. To make myself happier, and to make him happier. So, thank you, for your part on our marriage journey!
review 2: Escape through the author's amazing travels & beautiful but simple writing of the locals she encounters on this journey to interview couples married 25+ years
... moreand glean the secrets of happy & lasting marriage. A refreshing book when so much of the world is focused on me-me-me, leaving as the answer and lasting love is old fashion. This book instead acknowledges the hard work a commitment to the same person for life can be, but also how beautiful that journey can be as well. As someone married 13 years with only a Plan A mentality I loved this book. Numerous little stories about people weaved together on themes make it easy to pick up and out down but also works to in one sitting. Also I would note that the author does not have children at the time of this... Why note this? Because I often find books get focused on marriage as parents rather than marriage as it's own thing. I loved how this was completely about marriage but not self-help style. And I would recommend this book even to someone engaged & wondering what they're in for. less
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Excellent book!
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