New chapter up now – these pictures are the last of my playing splurge over Xmas/NY, so the next update may take a little while until I have the time to play again.

And the Babies page has been updated with all children up to Osmund (who ages up in this update).

House Status:
Kyra (Mommy/Fairy/Young Adult/Yellow)
Cristina (Mommy/Witch/Young Adult/Blue)
Osmund (Boy #8/Witch/Teen/Blue)
Obella (Girl #7/Fairy/Teen/Lime)
Lucas (Boy #9/Witch/Child/Violet)
Penny (Girl #8/Fairy/Toddler/Grey)
Roslin (Girl #9/Fairy-Ghost/Toddler/White)
Otto (Boy #10/Witch/Toddler/Purple)

It’s Snowflake Day!

Greeting card, as per usual; still loving all the colours we have in this family. You can barely see Roslin! (she’s at Cristina’s feet)

Afterwards, Cris makes a snowman.

Kyra and the older kids have a snowball fight.

Our twin dinosaurs are adorable when hugging.

The others play in the snow.

And go ice skating. I think the winter festival is my favourite.

Kyra and Lucas can now spin together.

And Lucas spins on his own as well.

Osmund shows off his Evil side – he stole candy from Otto.

This is what Kyra has been doing when not working/training toddlers – she’s learning all the songs for each of the instruments she’s mastered, just coz.

Tysha has a new RI. And Obara is engaged!

Back home, Cris is teaching Otto to walk.

While the girls play together with 2 x Mr Greenshirt.

Ooh, I haven’t seen this opportunity before. Maybe it’s a sign Kyra should try her hand at writing next.

Cris is finally up to inventing, the final skill for her Descendant of Da Vinci LTW.

…Kyra, where did you get that outfit? It is not the outerwear I designed for you. Anyway, she’s teaching Otto to talk.

Obella didn’t come home after school…and I found her doing this. You’re doing it wrong, Obella!

It’s Penny’s birthday! She rolled Light Sleeper.

I love her face! Especially the blue eyes, it’s been a while since we’ve seen those.

Osmund is the one to teach Roslin her skills, since neither of her parents wished to.

Penny is going the ballet route for her athletic skill (though she can’t actually learn the skill just yet).

The greeting cards thus far, only one has Kyra and Cristina missing.

Barristan and his wife appear to have made up.

Roslin on her xylo.

One more promotion to go until the top!

Obara is now married! Now make me some pretty babies, plz!

Benjen is doing just that!

Cris is mixing a very special elixir.

She throws it at Kyra (who has already been turned human, as you can tell by the lack of wings).

Who is now a werewolf! I was getting kind of sick of the fairies, and want to play some more with occults. Cristina will also be changing, when I can either find the ingredients or find the elixir at the store.

Lucas reigns over royal court.

Kyra is learning how to hunt. In heels, because why not.

Ooh, Tysha is having a baby!

The twins are onto their books.

Found it!

Now Cris uses it on herself.

…Face One genie, great.

Fixed! Along with a full makeover, because why not.

She goes off to celebrate with Kyra.

It’s Osmund’s birthday!

His final trait is Brooding, and his LTW is Swimming in Cash. Sadly, because the family is so flush, he has to have about $200k, rather than the generic $50k. So he probably won’t fulfil it before he moves out.

Tysha is now engaged…possible shotgun wedding. Strange that she would settle down, give her Commitment Issues.

Loreza is still with her partner.

Baby incoming!

Graduation time! Kyra is so much slower without her fairy wings, lol.

Pia is here with her son, Patrick. He has Cristina’s hair and his mother’s wings!

I don’t think I’ve seen this Most Likely before, yay for new ones.

This time, the family outing is to this cafe/bar-type place.

Cris and Obella play pool.

While Osmund tries out the gyroscope.

He’s not very good.

So Kyra challenged him to a game of pool instead.

Outside, the kids are playing tag.

 Obella tries a trick shot – she missed.

Nooboo! Most of Cristina’s new outfits aren’t pregnancy friendly, so she’s in a whole new lot. This will be the last one she carries, the rest of the kids will be carried by Kyra.

I don’t often show the popups for the kids’ careers, but this is Obara’s LTW! She completed it on her own, well done!

Birthday time! They’re all in crappy locations, so I’ll show the sparkles, then the face closeups later. Otto rolled Neurotic.

Roslin rolled Supernatural Fan.

And Lucas Dislikes Children. This should be fun!


Lucas has Kyra’s eye shape, ears and nose, with Cristina’s face, jaw, chin and mouth.

Benjen’s partner had a baby girl!

Dancing fairies!

Otto goes for a joy ride.

Lucas is still obsessed with the water toys.

Roslin wished to be friends with her twin, and Otto wanted to play hopscotch. Two birds, one stone.

Penny loves the tramp.

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