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Dick Francis's Gamble (2011)

by Felix Francis(Favorite Author)
3.74 of 5 Votes: 2
0399157476 (ISBN13: 9780399157479)
Putnam Adult
review 1: After the death of his father, Dick Francis, Felix Francis picked up the mantle of a literary legacy that has endured for years and he has very big shoes to fill. I am glad to say that "Gamble" is vintage Dick Francis. The story of a former jockey turned investment counselor perfectly integrates the racing world with the world of high finance, both of them involving great risk, and something that Dick Francis was able to do so beautifully. This book made me feel like Dick Francis was still hard at work spinning a great story. Well done Felix!
review 2: How disappointing. The book has the clipped language and racing setting of a Dick Francis novel, but it is an empty shell of a simulacrum otherwise. It is derivative -- the public shooting that starts the book
... moreand flight on a horse that ends it are both straight steals from earlier Dick Francis books. And it is filled with cardboard characters, who have none of the complexity or memorability of those in earlier works. Most of all, the book lacks the intelligence, psychological insight, considered morality, careful research, and knowledge base that made the long series of Francis works so fun to read and informative. Cheesiest of all is that Felix doesn't bother to tie up his narrative loose ends at the end of the book -- apparently he thinks he can get us to buy the next book about this dull, forgettable hero. Nope, one letdown s all I'm willing to go for. less
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Enjoyable read--mystery in horse racing and financial management world. Not a Pulitzer.
They are always exciting and this has a little special interest as well
Solid thriller, well plotted and smoothly written.
Another great story by Dick Francis.
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