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Page From A Tennessee Journal (2010)

by Francine Thomas Howard(Favorite Author)
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0982555067 (ISBN13: 9780982555064)
review 1: Riveting! Had me hooked from the very beginning. This book is about a time in history where women in general had very little value and black women had none at all. This story is about 2 families. One, a white childless couple (Alex and Eula McNaughton) who owned land. They hired the black couple (John and Annalaura Welles),who had 4 small children, under a sharecropping agreement. When the black husband decides to leave his family in order to make enough money to purchase land for him and his family things go horribly bad. I got the Kindle edition of this book as a "read for free" under Kindle Unlimited. I like it so much I'm going to have to purchase my own personal copy. Unforgettable! Good to the very end!
review 2: This story was unusual for me -
... moreabout a black family in the early 1900's that farm 40 acre's of land for a white family on his plantation. You think that things would be better for them, but they are basically not much better off then before slavery. It was very eye opening how they were treated. The husband goes off to Chicago to make some money for the family so they can buy their own land and leaves his wife and 4 kids with nothing. They are expected to harvest the tobacco, but have very little food and no money. The white land owner comes to check on the fields and relizes the situation and basically forces the wife, Annalaura, to sleep with him in return for food and items for the kids. She becomes pregnant and her husband comes back. It is a very sad story, but I must say interesting to read about what life was like then. less
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Very good first novel, complex plot and characters.
A really interesting read. Enjoying this one.
Read it. Finished it. Read it again
loved it
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