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Syndrome E (2010)

by Franck Thilliez(Favorite Author)
3.83 of 5 Votes: 1
067002578X (ISBN13: 9780670025787)
Viking Adult
Franck Sharko
review 1: Syndrome E captured the complexity of an incredibly technical and scientific premise with the intelligence missing from many thrillers attempting to move at to quick of a pace. Laced with atmospheric touches at all times, Syndrome E knocks the ball out of the park for me with the unnerving realism and scope of its horrific endgame. For those who like a mystery within a mystery, Syndrome E never feels pedantic and its action sequences are suspenseful due to the fact that the investigative process itself also sits on the knife-edge of a horror story, so there are no clunky transitions between characters sitting and thinking one moment and running for their lives the next. The characters are human and are subservient to the ingenious plot and I highly recommend it for those w... moreho have a strong stomach and love an intellectually stimulating thriller and I hope that it is made into a movie with either Fincher or Nolan directing.
review 2: This book is more ambitious than successful. It's got the foundations of three or four different books, but the author gives sufficient room to develop to just one of them, and that just barely. I struggled through the first half, wondering when it was going to take off. It finally did, but then it kind of crash landed in a rush of breakthrough findings and last-minute, omnibus, narrator-provided resolutions. A disappointment. less
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En la línea de los anteriores aunque quizá no tan truculento en general. Muy bueno
Mesmerizing mystery that I can't put down. And I don't want it to end.
French thriller that was translated very well into English.
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