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House (2006)

by Frank E. Peretti(Favorite Author)
3.6 of 5 Votes: 1
Thomas Nelson
review 1: Overall, a suspenseful novel. I really enjoyed the chills the book gave me as I read, and the symbolism was well placed. It was an easy read with simple diction. However, I wish the characters were more developed because they all had these traumatic events in their lives, but they don't go into enough detail. I probably would have cared more for the victims if I had known more about them.The fact that Peretti and Dekker made a Christian horror genre amazes me. They should write more books together.
review 2: I crave thrillers; I love the adrenaline of a good scary story, but there is something so desirable about one written by Christian authors whose desire is to expose darkness and glorify the light. House isn't super terrifying, but it certainly has its mome
... morents.Four confused travelers are left stranded at a hotel in the backwoods of Alabama. After they meet the deranged owners of the hotel, the lights turn off and a tin can is tossed down the chimney along with the command to kill one person of the group or have all die at dawn. The four guests are forced into a basement haunted by disturbing secrets, hidden beneath a house that is as alive as evil itself.I'm a huge fan of both Peretti and Dekker. The novel's style is clearly Dekker's, but the characters and broad story reveal Peretti's hand well. Excellently creepy and a good read. less
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I've liked other books written by them. This one seemed drawn out with an anti-climactic ending.
I keep practically every book I read......I didn't keep this one though.
Scary. I listened to this as an audiobook.
Very creepy but I couldn't put it down
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