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Rentboy (2012)

by Fyn Alexander(Favorite Author)
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review 1: What a great story.This is a hidden treasure of a book.Goth and a professor get together, a very unlikely couple but perfect for each other. A good dangerous plot and dysfunctional family. The twins were just too good on this read -and the last two government assassins characters left me hungry for more.. This can be as a stand alone , but do your self a favor and read the first 3 books of Angel and the assassin, they are smoking hot and soo deliciously kinky with lots and lots of "Daddy Play".
review 2: This is the first real BL or Gay Romance novel I've read, unless you count Grayson Grayson by John Green which I guess might kinda count.. Anyways Im new to the whole BL novels and wasn't really to sure it it was my thing or not. Ive got nothing against g
... moreays, in fact the whole idea of it kinda fasinates me cause its like all those other forbidden loves with things and people getting in their way. But I really hate the whole steeripotype for gay people and how people think they all wear makeup or they all.. Whatever, and i was afraid this book like be full of steeryotpcal gays that seemed fake and unreal... but this book wasn't like that, and even though Fox might have come off a lil like a steeripotype Goth Gay, Eddie was your boring everyday shy guy who happened to be gay, and I really like how different they were front each other. The whole normal guy who happens to be gay made it more believable to me..Aside from the whole gay part, (which was an interested story in itself) the story line was really interest and thrilling. I like how there was action and suspense and all those other exciting and heart breaking emotions you'd find in any other YA fiction novel like betrayal, love, lust, heartbreak, anger, fear, etc. it was like an YA novel that just so happened to be staring gay characters as leads which I really liked!So if your a person whose anti gay and can't stand the idea of a gay couple.. Well turn away now, in fact if your like that I doubt you would even be here! But if you like BL with action and excitement than I'm sure you will like this one! :PI give it a 3 out of 5, though maybe it would be a four cause I do really like it..hmm guess I better go change my rating now! Anyways go check it out! less
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