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The Second Rule Of Ten (2013)

by Gay Hendricks(Favorite Author)
4.08 of 5 Votes: 2
1401941028 (ISBN13: 9781401941024)
Hay House Visions
A Tenzing Norbu Mystery
review 1: I'm not much of one for enjoying the rough and tumble detective novel but I do like Tenzing Norbu. The juxtaposition between Ten's own personal struggles--a vegetarian, a practicing Buddhist, a flawed human being trying to sort themselves out and live compassionately--and the violence of his work as a PI in LA is interesting. The author creates complicated mysteries for Ten to solve. He does but not without getting pretty banged up along the way. The novel has Buddhist teachings intermingled as traditional chants Ten does to try to remain focused, centered, and clear. These are not heavy handed and feel very much a part of Ten's personality. Another thing that lightens the mood of some heavy violent crime are discrptions of Tank his cat and their relationship, loving descr... moreiptions of interesting vegetarian food, and the description of a restaurant that could be a promo its so good. This novel introduces El Gato a drug king pin who has a vast array of connections in CA and Mexico. This character will appear in the next novel as well. It also introduces Heather a pathologist in training. Tall blonde and beautiful this may be "the One" for Ten if he doesn't screw it up by his tendency to withdraw. There is the usual cast from the first novel--Bill his ex LAPD partner and family, nightowl Mike the vaguely not legal IT help and DJ at illegal parties, and officers from the LAPD who play background roles. Then there are the people from his Buddhist monestary childhood--his cold rejecting Abbot father and his two childhood friends. This a quick read with two interesting mysteries which become intertwined. A good read.
review 2: A strong second offering in the Tenzing Norbu Mystery series. Chills ran down my arms, not from the murder mystery, but from the insights that drop in for the main character. Similar insights were dropping into my mind about my own struggles to let got of long held assumptions. Hendricks weaves a complex web of tales about family interconnections as Ten struggles to solve this crime. Ten's second rule forces him to drop long held views about his own family and unravel family connections that help solve the murder mystery. It is not just a mystery he is solving, he is seeing his own family differently, thus unraveling his own Karma. It is a powerful novel for anyone practicing awareness around family issues. less
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Fun, clever, and quick, yet thoughtful read. Second in the series. Enjoyed them both.
Great second novel of the Norbu series, Looking forward to the next two :)
Enjoyable. Looking forward to "The Third Rule . . . "
Not as good as the first, but I still enjoyed it.
Quite the ride along with Tenzing in this book.
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