The Dish 6 (Pages 279 – 321)


Laura and Adam meet the following Saturday after his revelation. Laura was having doubts whether she could accept the situation, but when she is in his doorway, she seems intent on making the relationship work. For this reason, she wants to come clean and tell him about the review. So after spending some lovely moment together, even with his mum, Laura finally spills the beans. Logically, she thought that after being generous enough to forgive his secret, he would be the same. She was wrong, and at first, she accepts his anger and insults in her stride, thinking that he would calm down. But no, Adam proves to be self-centred and when he arranges to meet her again, it is to insult her, calling her names and despising her, which I think is totally unfair. He had a huge secret himself, and Laura was ready to overlook his secrecy when he told her that he was afraid to lose her. That was her fear as well, but Adam doesn’t see it that way, and the way he speaks about Laura, it is as if he thinks she is the worst human being in history. Naturally, Laura gets angry and upset. Who wouldn’t? I thought Adam was a better person, but he is proving to be too selfish. It is okay for him to hide the truth, but not for her. How fair is that? I hope that they sort out the problems, but he will need to do some serious apologising.

What Adam also tells her is that his boss are planning to sue her and the magazine. So after this encounter, she, Roger and the staff find themselves in hot water after they get a letter from the restaurant’s lawyer, demanding a rectification. Roger tells Laura that they should stand their ground because the restaurant’s owners only want publicity and headlines, but Laura is afraid.

Then something more serious happens. Roger is rushed to the hospital with a heart condition, and at that moment the other problems seem insignificant in comparison. Poor Laura and Roger. I hope that he can get well because I really like Roger.

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