Destiny from Disaster

Today’s blog post is brought to you by the letter D. You can find Tamar’s story in Genesis chapter 38.

DEAR Tamar.

DRAMA seems to follow her.


DEATH took her first husband, Judah’s son Er, because he was wicked in God’s sight.

DISASTER struck her 2nd husband Onan, Er’s brother, who also died because he refused to give her children.

DISTANCED by her in-laws, she was sent home for they feared that their 3rd son may die too if she married him.

DISHONOURED in her widowhood and forgotten “for a long time”.

DISGUISED herself when she heard Judah was in the region, swapping her widows clothes for a veil.

DECEIVED her father-in-law who thought she was a prostitute. He gave her his seal and his staff as a guarantee of payment.

DISAPPEARED when Judah’s servant went back to pay her.

DISGRACED when it is discovered that she is pregnant because of prostitution.

DEFENDED herself when they wanted to burn her alive for her crime by producing Judah’s seal and staff.

DELIVERED from judgement as Judah recognises she is more righteous than he is.

DOUBLE BLESSING of twins was given to her – two sons, Perez and Zerah.

DO-SI-DO was the little dance her sons did as they were born.

DESCENDANTS from her family line came kings. Indeed…

DAVID was her great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great-grandson.

DIFFICULTY did not define dear Tamar.

DESTINY was brought out of her messy complicated life as her story becomes part of Jesus’ genealogy in Matthew chapter 1.

DOESN’T it just blow your mind when God does that? – he takes the ugliest, most painful, difficult circumstances of our lives and redeems them for His glory and for our good.

DISQUALIFIED we are not! (that sounded a bit Yoda). There is nothing in your story that God can’t make part of His great story!  Just ask Tamar, Rahab, David, Ruth….

DO a little DANCE because He is so good.

DANKE so much for reading.  Much love Rach x


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