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Boxers & Saints Boxed Set (2013)

by Gene Luen Yang(Favorite Author)
4.25 of 5 Votes: 1
1596439246 (ISBN13: 9781596439245)
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review 1: These were both quick reads, as graphic novels often are. I appreciated the basic history lesson of the Boxer rebellion. I also appreciated that the series covered both sides of what was happen during the time-on the Boxer side and the Christian side. There are recommendations at the end of the book about other historical accounts of the rebellion which I will definitely look into. A piece of history that I really knew nothing about, but is extremely interesting.
review 2: OK, so I take back the 'maybe I just don't get graphic novels' thing I said in my last review (of 'Playing with boys') I was very moved by this novel, it's such a trajic story, but it manages to convey so much more than just the factual events. The artwork reinforces the dialogue (or the o
... morether way around, I suppose)and you feel like you understand the story better that you would with just words. With the steady increase in the Chinese population here, I'm glad to learn more of Chinese history, and it's so important for Christians here to understand what happened there. I really like Gene Luen Yang's artwork, and the sense of humour in his books. less
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I don't regularly read graphic novels but really enjoyed this set.
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