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God Believes In Love: Straight Talk About Gay Marriage (2012)

by Gene Robinson(Favorite Author)
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0307957888 (ISBN13: 9780307957887)
review 1: There has been a lot of talk in the media about how the Bible prohibits same-sex marriage. You probably have people in your social network who subscribe to those views and given how loud they are it is easy to believe that they are right, that the Bible says no to same sex marriage.But Bishop Gene Robinson disagrees. As an Episcopal Bishop and a gay man, he has thought a lot about his issue. And he has a lot to say. His conclusion is that the Bible does not prohibit gay marriage, but in fact supports all those who wish to celebrate their love in front of the eyes of God. Robinson systematically goes through the verses and books of the Bible that are frequently used to attack same-sex marriage and the LGBTQ community and shows how the conservative, homophobic interpreta... moretions are wrong. He shows where a mistranslated word in the story of Sodom and Gammorah has lead to generations of Bible justified hate.This is a wonderful, warm, intellectual book that all those who are interested in this issue should read. That includes those on the anti-side who are ready to read beyond the rhetoric of "traditional" values.Get this book.
review 2: This book was written by Gene Robinson, the first openly gay bishop in the Episcopal church. I was raised in a (very conservative - 1920s prayer book, yo) Episcopal church, but with (fairly) liberal parents, so I remember back when he was consecrated, all my very religiously conservative college friends were horrified, and I was going "Wooop woooop Episcopalians! Y'alls my boys!"So needless to say this book what somewhat preaching to the choir for me, which is why I have a hard time reviewing it. I always think an important part of reviewing a book that makes a specific case or argument for something is how well it does it, and that's always hard to do when I'm already convinced. That said, I think it's nicely broken down into chapters, each one intending to answer a different question. I didn't agree with him on every Biblical interpretation, especially regarding the cultural interpretation of Jesus telling John and Mary that they are now each other's mother/son at the end of his life, but I never agree with everything from any religious source anyway, so that's hardly a giant blow to the book.The main flaw for me is that starting around chapter 6, he starts to repeat himself. A lot. As in, entire paragraphs are almost verbatim from chapter to chapter, and it made me wonder if these were originally many separate articles that got squished into one book. I really really wish editors would pick up on these things, because I certainly do, and it makes me craaaaaaaaaaazy. less
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An honest, thorough, and educational study in support of Gay Marriage.
More people need to read this book. It's too bad that they won't.
Eloquent, thorough and thoughtful. A really interesting read.
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