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Kruisiging (2010)

by Gerard O'Donovan(Favorite Author)
3.55 of 5 Votes: 2
9047516036 (ISBN13: 9789047516033)
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review 1: If Gene Kerrigan is the contemporary Irish Raymond Chandler then Gerard O'Donovan is Ireland's answer to James M. Cain (with a bit of Dashiell Hammett), all of which means I liked "The Priest" (although not as much as I liked the sequel "Dublin Dead." The main character introduced in the first novel is Inspector Mike Mulcahy. Some reviews have compared him to Ian Rankin's Rebus. In fact, Mulcahy is a familiar character in UK mystery books: although a cop he defies authority in search of the truth; his romantic life is messy and dysfunctional; and his personal habits are self-destructive. The fact that Mulcahy is so familiar is what keeps me from awarding that last elusive star (4 out of 5 is very good). The second character introduced in the novel is a young journali... morest named Siobhan Fallon. Fallon has the dogged determination we associate more with journalism in the 1960s and 1970s than the fashionable, hair-sprayed, white-toothed "journalists" that appear daily (all day long in fact) on her TV screens. A second weakness in O'Donovan's novel is how much of the plot depends on Fallon and Mulcahy keeping secrets from one another, even while they're having a rollicking time between the sheets. But all of this is nitpicking. The worse thing I can say about O'Donovan's first Mulchahy/Fallon novel is that the second book is even better.
review 2: Overall this was a good debute detective novel. It had some action, romance and mystery.The story is about a serial violator, nicknamed the priest, who kidnaps young women abuses and tortures them. The two protagonist Mike and Siobhan, were well developed and there is evolution in the characters which makes them more vivid.the plot was somehow predictable but the setting and characters made the novel fascinating to read.What i liked is how well described the Irish setting was. You can image how Dublin looks and feels just because of the way the author wrote it, the author was able to create a vivid visual image.He also gave a good impression how the Irish police force works not only the internal affairs of the vice squad but also the perceptions of the other departments towards the vice squad.Also the struggle between the two main protagonist Siobhan Fallon, a reporter, and detective Mike Mulcahy to keep their professional background out of their romance was an interesting element.Also the references to the numerous scandals and the cover up of those by the Catholic Church were an intriguing element.I'm looking forward to read the sequels of O'Donovan. less
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Really liked this thriller. Am in anticiption of his next book.
Good mystery. Would have preferred not to pay for it.
got from library today...
Well paced throughout.
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