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The Giant Diamond Robbery (2011)

by Geronimo Stilton(Favorite Author)
4.55 of 5 Votes: 4
0545103762 (ISBN13: 9780545103763)
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Geronimo Stilton
review 1: The book is about is about a mystery that somebody wants to steal a huge golf trophy and Geronimo and his friend want to stop the robbery.In the starting Geronimo's grandfather forced him to go to a golf tournament and be his caddie.then his friend tells him about the problem.Then his friend tells him about the problem . Then grandfather's partner missed his flight so now Geronimo is his partner.Then Geronimo's ball is going everywhere . After sometime he figures out that a bad person is controlling his ball so that they lose and she gets the cup.But then she gets away in a helicopter .
review 2: Geronimo Stilton: The Giant Diamond Robbery Summary: Geronimo Stiliton works hard everyday at his editorial business, The Rodent’s Gazette, and needs some time
... moreoff. He goes home to watch his favorite soccer team, the Squeakers. Then, Geronimo’s grandfather, William Shortpaws, convinces Geronimo to play in a huge golf tournament called: the Super Mouse Cup. If you win, you receive a giant trophy made of solid gold with a huge diamond on top. A rumor states that someone is going to try to steal it. Geronimo must play in this tournament to keep the trophy from falling into the wrong hands. Commentary: I personally believed the best part of the novel was when Geronimo uncovered the mystery of the person who was plotting to steal the Super Mouse Cup trophy. I didn’t think the mystery was well developed. The real mystery didn’t stick out to me as other mysteries do. At the same time, I enjoyed that I could actually relate to Geronimo’s problems or situations. Favorite Parts:Pg. 11: “Grandfather rolled his eyes. ‘Soccer?’ he scoffed. ‘How many times do I have to tell you, Grandson? Golf is where it’s at!’” (I thought this was funny because it shows how modern day people talk and mixed it with how Geronimo’s grandfather talks. I liked the connection.)Pg. 13: “How could this be happening? I just had to see the game! I grabbed the phone and began dialing my friends. Nobody answered. They were all watching the game!” (I liked this because it showed Geronimo’s character.) Compare: I can’t really compare this book to any other book I have read before. Tags: Mystery, Borrowed, Young Age, Reread less
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geronimo and is secret agent friend have to find the black widow who is trying to steal a diamond.
I have many books in this series this was good but not the best.
Reading to 3rd grades.We'll see if this one works...
golf,Very boooooooooooooooring
I liked the mystery
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