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The Scorpion (2009)

by Gerri Hill(Favorite Author)
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1594931623 (ISBN13: 9781594931628)
Bella Books
review 1: Nice, quick read with great pacing for a suspense novel. This is one of GerriHill's better ones, for sure. I liked the unconventional setup of the two leads and how they grow to compliment each other on a personal and emotional level.My biggest point of contention plot-wise is that their time going into hiding seemed too convenient. Rico has access to weapons, cars, and money at and readily supplies them at the drop of a hat? Having a supplier is convenient (and that it's a common trope in suspense lit), but I think forcing Kristen to rely on her instincts would have increased the suspense. Furthermore, it would have been refreshing to see Marty use some of her experience as an investigative reporter to add new perspectives to Kristen's analyses of their situation.As for ... morethe writing style, I may be nitpicking when I say that I find the regional speech differences somewhat jarring, though some are more palatable than others (e.g. "I've not dwelled..." vs. "I haven't dwelled..." reads fine, but "Let's don't talk about this..." vs. "Let's not talk about this..." is another story). Despite my having to pause at times when I saw one of these in the text, they didn't interfere with my overall enjoyment of the book.Thanks for another smooth read, Gerri Hill!
review 2: It's sort of like compulsive behavior. I need to read a new Gerri Hill novel. I no longer feel the need to preorder them and can wait a while to see if they find their way to me on their own, but I do need to read it. Go figure.This actually was one of the better ones. The crime part of it was incredibly fast-paced and full of suspense. Very well done. The main characters are also well done in this aspect of the story and dance around the issue of 'how do you stay good while fighting evil' and it gives them a nice edge. I like when lines between good and bad blur.I could have lived without the romance, the women would have been equally well off as friends. It started off differently than your average lesfic romance in that one of the women, how shall I put it, is 'sexually dysfunctional'? She just doesn't have a sex drive. So I would have loved to see this explored in a non-romance-novelly manner, but yeah, wrong place to look for that, I know.One thing that confused me was that throughout the book one of the characters was referred to by either her first or her last name by the narrator and not consistently as one or the other. I couldn't figure out whether there was a pattern to when she was Bailey and when she was Kristen. Odd. I get how fellow cops call her Bailey while more personal acquaintances refer to her a s Kristen, but these switches by the narrator? Odd.Hill once more does two things that drive me batty, but that's really personal peeves. She once more overuses her favorite phrase "Let's don't...". I've googled it and found that it's standard in some parts of the US, but I still can't help it, it feels totally off to me.And also, and that's not a Hill or even a lesfic thing, referring to women as "females". Yikes... Bad shivers up and down my spine. I'm not sure whether that is because in German the equivalent to "females" is only used for animals and I'm just lacking a native sense for the language. But there recently was a question about this on "A Way with Words" (waywordradio.org), so I know I'm not the only one bothered by this. I'm okay with constructions like 'female officers' but females as a noun totally rubs me the wrong way. What's wrong with using 'women'?? I think Hill only used it once, but I think currently it is my favorite pet peeve, or at least the one that comes up most often. less
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i am a huge gerri hill fan. but it wasn't my favorite book. still love her work
Great mystery! There were no loose ends that left you wondering what happened.
Really trashy beach read. Loved it!
Great story! Thanks Gerri
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