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Wings Of Glass (2013)

by Gina Holmes(Favorite Author)
4.01 of 5 Votes: 4
1414366418 (ISBN13: 9781414366418)
Tyndale House
review 1: "Christian fiction" is a real turn-off for me, but I received the book for free and it came highly rated so decided to give it a try. This book is well-written and the author does a very good job interpreting the reasons "why women stay" rather than leave their abuser, particularly giving us a good representation of the Savior complex. The "churchiness" wasn't too over-the-top, though I rolled my eyes a bit at the selective Bible verses scattered here and there. However, if "hearing" them can help one "God-fearing" woman in an abusive relationship feel less guilty about leaving, then I suppose they serve their purpose.
review 2: I knew nothing about this book other than I thought the cover was beautiful and the title was fragile. Little did I know just how fit
... moreting both were for the story. The subject of abuse is never easy to explore but Gina Holmes does an amazing job. The characters become real and the reader can't help but learn from them as the story is told. Not only do you get to enjoy a fictional story, but you also become subtly educated about a disturbing subject. less
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This was another Kindle freebie about an abusive relationship and the power of friendship.
Addictive to read, yet painful at the same time with personal empathy for Penny.
An intriguing and insightful look into the heart and mind of an abused wife.
A difficult book to read, but worth the time.
Very, very well-written.
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