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The Tenth Chamber (2010)

by Glenn Cooper(Favorite Author)
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0099545675 (ISBN13: 9780099545675)
review 1: Finished this book, but I am not sure what it was about. Is it a story of the discovery and preservation of prehistoric art in a French cave? Is it a story about French resistance ambushing a German train loaded with stolen WWII currency and artifacts? Is it a story about man's search for eternal life? Actually, it touches on all of these, and the end result is a high body count, a shadowy French intelligence agency, and a lot of questions.
review 2: For me, reading a new author is comparable to jumping out of an airplane. The Tenth Chamber kept me in freefall all the way to the mysterious end. Luc should feel grateful to be alive and recognize that it very easily could have gone another way. As we travel through time to understand the complexities of this
... morehidden cave, we must wonder when the cycle will come back around. We learn that this is not the first time the cave has been found, but what happened to the others? There are essentially three story lines that we must follow through the book. We are taken on a journey to see how the cave was made. The second shows us what happens when the cave is discovered hundreds of years ago. At last we are here in present time where we can watch the discovery and tragedy that come next. less
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Remarkable book like all books from Glenn Coper!
Storia interessante, ma scritta con i piedi
Premise showed promise but didn't pan out.
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