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Random Acts Of Senseless Kindness (2000)

by Graham Parke(Favorite Author)
4.03 of 5 Votes: 5
review 1: Since NO HOPE FOR GOMEZ is on my to-read list, reading this first--which takes place after, I was warned, might prove a spoiler. It failed. In fact, NO HOPE has now moved to the must-read category. Graham Parke's combination of warped imagination and wit with oddball characters makes for entertaining reading. Gomez as protagonist is quirky and endearing. RANDOM ACT's curve ball ending made me laugh and gave me pause. Parke's writing style is finely tuned and enjoyable, so I believe, there is, contrary to title, great hope for Gomez!
review 2: Having not read any of Mr. Parke's previous novels I was a bit concerned that I wouldn't be able to just jump into this one without knowing anything about Gomez. By the first day Gomez has written about on his blog/diary I
... more was laughing far too much to stop reading and honestly didn't care that I had not read others, only wondering how I could acquire more of Mr. Parke's works. This is my ind of book. Quirky, delightful, snarky....everything that I enjoy in a person is what Gomez and the other characters are without being over-the-top. I think we all have people in our lives like these folks and if you don't, well poor you because they teach us that life is an endless roller coaster ride to be enjoyed and maybe puke at the end. less
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This was so funny! :)I'm sick with sinusitis so review to come as soon as I can.
The only redeeming quality that this story has is that it's short.
Hilarious... just what I needed to read tonight.
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