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Survivor, The (2012)

by Gregg Hurwitz(Favorite Author)
3.97 of 5 Votes: 5
1455882364 (ISBN13: 9781455882366)
Brilliance Audio
review 1: This book was a pleasant surprise. I never expected it to be as good it was. It just didn't have a large number of reviews. Of course that doesn't mean anything. I've read books with thousands of reviews with most of them good and thought they were horrible (Monster Hunter by Larry Correa). I am definitely looking forward to reading more by Gregg Hurwitz. I just expected this book to be really bad guys out to get revenge on an innocent guy who accidently got in there way. It was so much more than that. So much more depth. He did a great job at character development. The relationships among all the characters were great. Not only was the main character dealing with the bad guys but also the problems with him and his family. He came home from the war but never ca... moreme home from it. Dealing with that and how it effects his family. Being lost and finding your way home. I absolutely loved the ending. Everything coming full circle!! So glad I took a chance on this book!
review 2: Not my normal reading genre; however, when I read the short synopsis, I was intrigued. Former soldier Nate O. is suffering from PTSD and ALS, intends to commit suicide, but is interrupted by a bank robbery . . . it goes on and on. He never learns from previous mistakes either--he's always getting surprised and into scrapes with the bad guys. I must admit Nate's initial response in the bank robbery had me hooked, but you never really see him like this again until the conclusion (and it's not really the same). less
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So well written. Loved it. Seriously dramatic ending tho...
Good beach read, winding plot, the good guy wins sort of.
I really enjoyed this book, well written and fast paced.
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