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Cosmic Forces (2011)

by Gregory Lamberson(Favorite Author)
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1605424080 (ISBN13: 9781605424088)
Medallion Press
The Jake Helman Files
review 1: In the 3rd installment of the Jake Helman Files we see several old characters making appearances as the story ties back into Tower Industries. This one focuses mostly on the religious/mythic story line of the first book.The Mayor's wife hires Jake to follow her husband to find out where he is going and what he is doing when he goes on his monthly retreats. She suspects him of cheating on her. At the same time Jake is trying to help Edgar's ex-girlfriend find out what is going on with her teenage son. Martin has been sucked into a cult that worships aliens that sounds very similar to scientology.Jake stumbles on a secret association whose members just happen to be very high-ranking, influential men. This group ties back to the "church" that has recruited Martin. Both o... moref Jake's cases come together in a huge battle between Heaven and Hell. In this book we see the return of Cain and Abel as they work together for a short time to uncover where the lost souls are going. Jake suffers one more loss in this book, like all the rest, but this one is hard because it's the 2nd time he has suffered this particular loss. I think in the end, though, he is better for it and it's left him in a place where he can finally move on and that will be nice to see.This is a great supernatural read. It's got horror, science fiction and while I don't really want to say religion there are definitely aspects of that there as well. I really do love this series so much!
review 2: After battling an unusual serial killer in PERSONAL DEMONS and defeating an army of drug-spawned voodoo zombies in DESPERATE SOULS, private investigator Jake Helman returns in yet another action-packed case. This time the wife of New York City's mayor hires Jake to see if her hubby is cheating on her. What he discovers is far worse than a roll in the hay: it seems the mayor belongs to an ancient order who have been manipulating world events for centuries . . . and the only way for Jake to bring these guys down is to join them.But before Jake joins the order, he tangles with assassins, strange, hooded creatures, and through a folk lore expert, learns the legend of Avadiim, who turns out to be an all-too real octopus-like god who is worshipped by the mayor and his cronies. Jake's ex-wife (as well as Cain and Abel) return from the afterlife, giving this installment its heaviest supernatural edge yet (and also some of its more emotional moments).For fans of the series, there's a slight step taken in Jake's relationship with his psychic neighbor Laurel, and his former partner is still living in the form of a crow named Edgar. Its highly recommended that newcomers check out the first two books in the series, as there's plenty of mention here of what came beforehand.Despite losing an eye in the second novel, Jake's still as hard as nails as he deals with crooked politicans, battles man-sized as well as giant monsters, and even manages to help his ex-partner's teenaged son to get out of an obscure new age cult (!).COSMIC FORCES' 380 pages fly by like lightning, and fans of the series will be satisfied. Lamberson's modern noir/supernatural horror hybrid has become a must read for me. less
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Things just keep getting crazier for Detective Jake Helman.
Jake Helman is a badass who just keeps getting badder!
Certain parts are great, certain were meh.
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