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APE: Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur. How To Publish A Book (2012)

by Guy Kawasaki(Favorite Author)
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Nononina Press
review 1: I was unable to decide which path I wanted to take, traditional or indie publishing. A friend recommended this book and the path became clear. I realized after turning the pages of this book that I could take the steps to indie publish. They were so easily laid out in the book and the common mistakes listed. I quickly realized what I was doing right and wrong and made changes. Still I consult this book as a guide and offer it to new authors about to take the path. This book does something that I find refreshing, it states what we should all know: the playing field is even, all you have to do is put in the work and show up. A great resource.
review 2: A must read by anybody who is thinking about self publishing a book. It presents the lowdown from writing the bo
... moreok, through publishing and marketing. It really helped me consider all the work that must be done if I go the self publishing route. Because I have a day job, I think it might be too much for me to do well. So if you are on the fence about the DIY route, this will help you decide. The author also offers some great ideas for marketing the book once it is published, and addresses social media in a nuts and bolts way that will help writers build their platform. less
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Excelente livro, dando visão geral ao autor sobre a publicação de livros. Recomendo.
Great book with the merits and pitfalls of self publishing.
A good one to keep on the shelf for future reference.
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