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The Woken Gods (2013)

by Gwenda Bond(Favorite Author)
3.46 of 5 Votes: 4
Strange Chemistry
review 1: This is a confusing book to rate, mainly because the world it is set in is equally confusing. While the premise is original and fascinating the explanation leaves something to be desired. There were many times throughout the book, when i realized that i had no clue what was going on because something had not been explained properly, which was disappointing because if it had been clearer this story would have packed a mighty punch. I was really hoping this book would knock my socks off, because come on, Gods from all Pantheons strolling about DC couldn't get any better. My other disappointment was with the gods themselves, i understand that in this book all of the gods were trickster gods and therefore mainly evil, but it was also pointed out that the trickster gods were ki... morenda the nicest ones out there. I was hoping that the gods would show some ... well ... humanity. Especially with Anzu, I think this book could have swung a totally different way, and Kyra and Anzu -and maybe even Enki- could have been friends that really would have been more interesting to me. Also i cant say i really liked any of the characters, none of them ever seemed to trust each other or tell the truth, they were all a bit one sided. The Tam and Bree were ok characters, but meh. The only character i really liked was Kyra, she was interesting, if a bit of a wuss. She was one of those main characters that froze up all the time and let everyone else do the work, until she came in at the final moment to be a hero. I liked Justin and Oz in the beginning of the book, but their novelty sort of wore off later on, Im not really sure why. They both have rather tragic back stories which we learn about, but for some reason i didn't connect with them. Also the romance was a little half assed. I hate to be a sour puss, but this book didn''t really float my boat, in fact while i am writing this review ship is has started sinking with all my criticism, so i will end here and not mention that maybe the writing style is partly to blame for my confusion throughout the book. Although this book wasn't really THAT bad i gave it two stars because i don't think i will be recommending this book to anyone. I will also have to reread BlackWood (by Gwenda Bond) to see why it inspired me to pick up this book. To be fair though the cover of "The woken Gods" really is fantastic so i probably would have picked it up even if i hadn't read a book by Gwenda Bond previously.
review 2: The sacred stories of gods, deities, rituals and relics takes me to another world, a place I'd love to explore! I'm such a big fan of mythology which is why I gave this book 4 stars. It's different from the usual YA romance/action books out right now. This book wasn't bad. The focus wasn't on Kyra and Oz's relationship, which I'm a bit relieved since she had one mission and one mission only. The characters could have been a bit stronger so I am hoping there is a second book to conclude where we were left off, and I pray that the second book will be more compelling. less
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A great YA adventure. I hope there is a sequel!
Review to come.
Really good
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