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Oscar Wilde And The Ring Of Death (2008)

by Gyles Brandreth(Favorite Author)
3.77 of 5 Votes: 1
0719569500 (ISBN13: 9780719569500)
John Murray Publishers
The Oscar Wilde Murder Mysteries
review 1: Oscar Wilde invites his friends to attend a dinner at the Socrates Club and during the evening, they play a game of Who Would You Murder.... The very next day the people on the list begin to die. A woman is found dead from a fire, a man leaps to his death from a cliff, an elderly man is found dead in bed. One by one the list shortens but at the end of the list are the names of Oscar Wilde himself and his wife, Constance. Oscar, Robert Sherard, Bram Stoker and his other friends must find out who is responsible before the list gets any shorter. This is a very good blend of fact and fiction and I enjoy this series very much.
review 2: Much better than the first book in the 'Oscar Wilde Murder Mysteries' series, this novel was a faster read, with more clues bei
... moreng scattered across the pages, all of which succeeded in being rather neatly tied up at the end. This one also presents Oscar Wilde in a more clearer light. My only grudge is that the series continues with Arthur Conan Doyle being relegated to a footman-like status in story-after-story. Nevertheless, the reading experinece was pleasing enough. Recommended. less
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Wanted to give it another half. I love this series.
I have enjoyed all of these books
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