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Neurocomic (2014)

by Hana Ros(Favorite Author)
3.41 of 5 Votes: 7
1907704701 (ISBN13: 9781907704703)
Nobrow Press
review 1: In many respects this graphic novel journey through the human brain is delightful, refreshing, informative, and downright funny. I especially enjoyed the snippets devoted to the early days of neuroscience and the scientists involved in exploring the brain as well as the coverage of synapses and neurotransmitters. There are elements that strike me as downright sexist (the attitude of the main character, for instance) and I wondered why there was no discussion of the brain's folds or the possible role of the brain in intelligence or brains damaged by strokes, for instance. Despite some of the book's problems, teen readers may enjoy this humorous romp through the mysteries of that most complex parts of the human body. I must confess that I never expected to read a graphic nov... moreel on this particular topic.
review 2: If you have an interest in learning about the brain through the medium of a graphic novel, then this book will satisfy that niche. The book covers scientists involved in neuroscience, the chemistry and structure of the brain, and even some philosophical questions (mind v. brain). All of these topics are covered in a manner that would engage the young and old due to the illustrations. The best thing this book does, in my opinion, is use the graphics as another vehicle to teach the content. The graphics could stand alone as "cool", but the story and graphics tie in so well together that the reader can learn from both. I highly recommend it! less
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Pretty interesting. Easy to follow.
Very quick read.
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