Post 442: Size 12 Angered

 globe leather los angered size 12 (kits) Free plus art bin few paints and small center speaker panasonic. No time for questions answered. Either take them or dont. Today only. Must take all three items.

Counselor: How long have you been feeling this anger towards shoes?

Sparky: It’s not the shoes! It’s the leather! And the paints! And the questions! Why won’t they just take the stuff and leave me alone?

Counselor: When did you first feel this anger?

Sparky: When I bought the shoes. They were kits, and I didn’t read the instructions. I tried to paint to forget about it, and listened to calming music, but it all just made me remember how bad the shoes were! TAKE THEM OR DONT!

Counselor: Take a deep breath and remember the shoes can’t hurt you —

Sparky: Can’t hurt me? It’s too late! I have corns and hammer toe and plantar fascitis! It sucks.

Counselor: I’m sorry, our time is up for today. Do you want another appointment?

Sparky: Oh. Yes, thank you. I feel much better. Same time next week?

Dr. NinjaChow, we all appreciate your hard work in keeping the Sparkies calm and settled. No questions asked.

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