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Talking To The Dead. Harry Bingham (2012)

by Harry Bingham(Favorite Author)
3.69 of 5 Votes: 3
1409140865 (ISBN13: 9781409140863)
Fiona Griffiths
review 1: I really enjoyed Fi the character. I loved her dry sense of humor and willingness to take risks in the name of the victims she was avenging. The story though was belabored at times. I listened to the audiobook and 2/3 the way through, I started getting all of the bad guys confused as to who was alleged to have done what. Fi's mental illness is like a gnat flying around because she seems very high functioning at the present, but keeps reminding us she had some sort of breakdown in her teens. Not until the end is there a partial explanation, but I was still left with questions about Fi's illness and the crime she spent the novel solving. Because I liked her character, I will probably continue reading the series.
review 2: This book follows Fi Griffiths, a police
... morewoman, working on a particularly harrowing murder enquiry. The character of Fi remains a mystery for the majority of this and little is known of her background or the illness that afflicted her for two years. Some answers are given at the end but the lack of information throughout the book only made this a more interesting read. Although the initial murder was interesting, I found the investigation tedious and not that exciting. The last 80 pages or so is where the action really happens and it was a satisfying end to the book. I also think that Bingham has set it up for a sequel, which I would find most welcome to read. This is definitely a book for crime readers but be warned that the initial murder is quite gruesome. less
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Time of the year, I guess...just can't get 'into' this story right now. To be continued.
Ik heb dit boek niet uitgelezen. Het viel me een beetje tegen.
Quirky detective, lots of threads and gret read!
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