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Tenth Grade Bleeds #3: The Chronicles Of Vladimir Tod (2009)

by Heather Brewer(Favorite Author)
4.26 of 5 Votes: 3
1101020008 (ISBN13: 9781101020005)
The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod
review 1: More of the same with book three. Doubtless, if you enjoyed the first two books, you will like this one, too. For me, the protagonist, Vlad, is not an active character; instead, he reacts to the people, actions, and events around him. He does have one significant moment with another character named Snow that changes him (and it is not exactly what you might be thinking). The same bad guy from the previous books is back making evil threats to Vlad’s life that he has a hard time delivering throughout. Another vampire named Ignatius is sometimes chasing Vlad, but thankfully he can only maneuver at certain times during the long, drawn out year, so Vlad is not really in any danger from him.D’Ablo’s actions at the end reduce him to a young adult villain who is unable ... moreto do any lasting harm to Vlad (although something seems to have happened to Vlad with the ritual). Not surprisingly, Vlad cannot bring himself to finish D’Ablo, thus prolonging the inevitable showdown we will continue to see in books 4-5. For the first time, Brewer’s timeline stretches credulity for me. She is locked into making each book correspond to one of Vlad’s school years (this one is 10th grade). But she does not have enough plot to fill nine months of the year. She reduces the plot to the big moments in Vlad’s world: First-Day, Halloween, Snow Ball, Valentine’s Day, and Freedom Fest. He has a birthday in there somewhere. Outside of these events, Vlad mostly wanders around the streets, sometimes floating up to his belfry while the plot is forced to take huge leaps forward without warning.I am still troubled as to how Vlad’s father, a vampire who is dead, can father a child with a human. I hoped this would be explained, but as of book three, not yet. I hope Brewer has a good reason for how Vlad came to be as it is the only thing keeping me reading.
review 2: In this book "Tenth Grade Bleeds" its yet another terrible for our main character Vladamir. Before his main concern was jut to fit in in Bathory high, now he's on the look out for his biggest enemy, D'Ablo, is on the verge of figuring out a way to steal Vlad's status as Pravus witch involves killing him.But this isn't the only problem for Vlad, now his best friend Henry doesn't want to be his drudge anymore and now his hunger is almost uncontrollable, he hasn't heard from his uncle Otis in a months, and now all of a sudden is arch nemesis D'Ablo shows up demanding Vlad's most pries position, his dads journal. In my opinion this book was amazing, it was very fast pace and many things were happening so your always interested, and has a great cliff hanger for the next book. less
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one of my favorites in the series! leaves you in suspense to want to read the nest one.
I honestly think this series should be in Vlad's view. This book is recommended.
great enough to read again
Meh. Not bad
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