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The Trees The Trees (2011)

by Heather Christle(Favorite Author)
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0980193877 (ISBN13: 9780980193879)
Octopus Books
review 1: Elizabeth Pusack (Intern, Tin House Magazine): Heather Christle’s The Trees the Trees. I just read a review likening these poems to little mazes! The reviewer was talking about shape and staging, but Heather Christle’s writing does feel like very offbeat problem solving. So many riddles like this one with strange particulars, but particularly familiar cores: “I lost my phone I am using the baby monitor / instead it’s in the flowers nobody’s calling / but I know that someday you will it’s just plan math.” She does this awesome thing which is to offer sweetness and jokes and the sinister all at once! It was so good to hear these in her own voice a couple of times this fall. If she’s ever reading in your town, Go Listen!
review 2: my
... more friend and i have a ritual of drinking red wine and reading poetry to each other. entire books swallowed in one sitting. no bathroom breaks, although some pausing for discussion of boys and breakdowns and breakthroughs are allowed. this wonderful collection is just like that moment you part from someone you love, even just for the night, and in walking away you glance backward and offer some kind of gesture, perhaps a wave or a more elaborate salute of some kind, even if they don't see, and it's that reassuring feeling that all things end, but this thing isn't ending right now, that there will be another episode of spilled wine and words. yeah. this book is kind of like that. less
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everything is possible and not happening
I like the book.
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