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The Seelie King (2000)

by Heather Killough-Walden(Favorite Author)
4.08 of 5 Votes: 3
The Kings
review 1: That's what people need to always keep in mind - that this is a modern-day fairy tale :)When I was younger - and sometimes even now - I'll walk through a place and imagine things that I can not see or... and if it's an especially beautiful place - I'll feel a kind of magic there that seems so tangible but so untouchable too.Having this kind of imagination and appreciation really makes me "get" it. Heather brings to life the things that we can only imagine or fantasize about! (I know I'd be wishing for all sorts of things! haha!)I also enjoyed catching up with the other characters - I am confident that although there is so much evil and heart-break happening at the moment - that we'll get a happy ending. *crossing fingers*Another great installment of the se... moreries!
review 2: I love HKW's writing, I love the Kings series. Sadly I have to give this instalment only 3 stars ( actually 3.5 but amazon doesnt do half stars). The relationship had no real build up, I missed a sizzling connection and the ending was just too rushed. I am however looking forward to the next instalment ( the Unseelie King ), I just hope she doesn't demasculate him as from what we gather in this book he is quite the baddie. less
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Uhhh next one please! but forreal I need the next one like now :)
I liked it well enough, but it was missing something.
Unusally disjointed. Not Mz Killough-Waldens best.
Another fantastic read for this series!
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