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Spurs And Heels [Divine Creek Ranch 5] [The Heather Rainier Collection] (2011)

by Heather Rainier(Favorite Author)
4.32 of 5 Votes: 5
1610346084 (ISBN13: 9781610346085)
Siren Publishing
Divine Creek Ranch
review 1: This isn't your typical Heather Rainier menage romance,this story focuses on the romance between Juliana and Ash.I have to admit after reading this book, while I enjoyed the story it isn't the strongest of the Divine Ranch series. I adored the hero Ash from the get go, he was so in love with the heroine and Heather was sucessful in writing his adoration without making him appear weak, the character had Alpha like tendencies but he wasn't ruled by them. It was a bit of a stretch that the two of them were instantly smitten with each other, but this is fantasy, so I rolled along with the plot point and because Ash was just so darn cowboy like, I didn't have a hard time falling in love with him.Juliana being the classic "redheaded" heroine had a short temper upon meeting Ash, ... moreand she didn't even understand why she was behaving this way, and to be quite honest with you, I didn't know why either, until later in the book and even then I shook my head. Of all the heroines in the Divine ranch series, Juliana is my least favorite. I gave this book four stars because Heather writes great heroes and romance in general and while the plot was a bit weak, I still couldn't help but get behind the couple and want their shot at Happily Ever After.
review 2: 4.5 stars (only because I almost never give a 5)Loved this book and I had delayed reading it because the description just didn't get me interested... turned out this is one of my favorites! Ash Peterson and Juliana are so funny, seem so mismatched at first, but work out to be a truly lovely couple. I think the menage stories just don't lend as much space for character development, especially for each man as individuals. This one allowed us to know Ash and Juliana pretty well.This whole series is good, and with the introduction of new characters in this book, I am really hoping there are more stories to come and I will buy them all. I love that all the previous characters lend a little to the story, but the author doesn't let them take over the story line of each book the way some authors do.For best effect, start at Book 1, 'Divine Grace' (Divine Creek Ranch 1) less
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Heather Ranier is an amazing writer! She is a must read!
Loved ash and Juliana.can't wait for the next one....
First read: July 2012
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