Stitch Fix #1 (kind of…)

Let’s cut to the chase — this was not my first Stitch Fix. This is my third Stitch Fix. My first two were a disaster. The clothes did not suit me, and I thought the quality was lacking. So why did I keep going?

Honestly, I just couldn’t resist. I love the idea of someone picking out clothes for me that I wouldn’t pick for myself. I love picking out clothes for myself, don’t get me wrong. I want everyone to pick out clothes for me — you, me, your sister, whatever.

Add to that the fact that I created a new account each time (don’t tell Stitch Fix) and used a code to waive the $20 styling fee that Stitch Fix charges. If you purchase anything out of your Stitch Fix delivery, the $20 styling fee goes toward your purchase. But, if you don’t, like I didn’t for the first two Fixes I received, you’re out $20. That’s the gamble you have to take…

Unless you have your own code to try Stitch Fix for free!

Yep, that’s my referral code, and it waives the $20 styling fee, so you’ve literally got nothing to lose. You get the box of the clothes, you try them, you either like them or don’t, and send them back, and you’re not charged if you don’t keep anything.

But sometimes you love the things! And this time was a wild success. Here’s what I got:

41 Hawthorn Poppi Textured Pullover, Medium: $68 Please ignore my RBF

Can you ever have too many cream knit sweaters? This is such a great basic piece with some visual interest to keep it from being boring. I love the raised ovals on the upper half, meeting your more standard vertical knit pattern below. Also, this sweater is incredibly soft without being so soft as to cause me to worry that it’s cheaply made, or about to unravel.

My sole concern with this item? It’s just a tad large on me. My new commitment with clothes is to have a slightly looser fit because I think I’ve veered too far in the opposite direction in the past, choosing tighter clothes that then 1.) shrink in the dryer 2.) aren’t as flattering as I think. This doesn’t apply to pants, where I notoriously go looser because having fabric cling to my calves gives me panic sweats.

Verdict: Exchanged (for Small) Look by M Sammie Plaid Infinity Scarf: $34

You can see the detail in the sweater here, as well as the super cute scarf! The scarf that costs $34! The $34 is the equivalent of what I usually pay for the sweater! Woof. In researching how people rate the lasting quality of Stitch Fix’s in-house brands, the complaint I saw time and again was about Stitch Fix’s costs. I get it.

I’ve said for a long time that I want to focus on buying more quality, and less content, which means spending more on fewer pieces. However! I don’t think that principal carries over to accessories, I’m sorry to say. I’m sorry because I legitimately love this scarf.

I’m not sorry because I found this scarf on Poshmark for $8 (plus $3.99 shipping) and ordered it there.

Sorry, not sorry.

Verdict: Returned (to Stitch Fix, yet kept in my life) Just Black Adorra Skinny Jeans, 8: $88

I’ll go ahead and admit I haven’t yet figured out how to photograph myself in clothes, and the photos of these jeans on me are the perfect proof of that. Can you tell they’re jeans? Yes. Could you identify them in a line-up? Probably not.

The good news is that these are wonderful. They’re skinny without choking out my calves (see aforementioned fear). They’re soft and stretchy without going baggy; I’ve already worn them for a full day to test this. They’re dark as night, which is how I like my jeans.

Am I happy paying $88 for jeans? Honestly, I struggle so much finding jeans I like, and as I said, I’ve committed to paying a little more for something that I love as opposed to paying less for something I’m “meh” about, so I can ride with this.

Verdict: Kept 41 Hawthorn Jahana Cargo Vest, M: $68

Did you think I wasn’t going to mention my slippers? Because I’d rather not.

This vest is, like the rest of this Fix, to my taste. It’s a heavy material, but not bulky. Even though it’s utilitarian-looking, I feel like it still has a nice silhouette.

I already have an olive army-style jacket I wear round the clock in temperate weather. So this fell into the category of too similar to what I already own, AND just a bit bigger than I wanted. And hella expensive for a completer piece, aka something that I would only wear every now and then.

Verdict: Returned 41 Hawthorn Nancy Faux Suede Elbow Patch Brushed Cardigan, M: $54

Faux-suede elbow pads are the luxury we all deserve Held up to the light to demonstrate the thinness of the material

I felt very underwhelmed by this cardigan. All the other items I pulled out of my Stitch Fix box this time had me flipping my hands in excitement (awkward), but this calmed my hands right down. The color is a nice, nutty brown, and the fit of this is actually closer to perfect than the other items in my Fix I liked better. Plus, I LOVE an elbow patch.

And yet! I’m always suspicious of materials, including those that appear too thin/fluffy/coarse/ETC. The moment a fabric starts to pill is the moment it’s dead to me, and I just couldn’t take that risk with this cardigan.

So that’s my official, unofficial first Stitch Fix. I anticipate getting Fixed Up again (my phrase, not theirs, they really missed out on that one). Like I said previously, I used an offer code this time that discounted the normal, $20 styling fee to a cool $0. It makes me nervous to put that $20 out on the line, but after the success of this box, it feels like less of a gamble!

Have you Gotten Fixed (also mine) before? Do you Get Your Fix each month? Leave a comment and tell me about your experience! And remember, if you want to try Stitch Fix for free, use my referral link to have your $20 styling fee waived, plus I’ll get a $25 credit. Win-win.

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