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Tod Sei Dank (2000)

by Helen Fitzgerald(Favorite Author)
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review 1: I bought this because a) it's dealing with a subject I'm currently writing about and b) I'm due to attend a session at the Edinburgh International Book Festival where this author is speaking and I have to blog about it. It wasn't what I was expecting. Basically, it tells the story of Will, a single parent with two healthy kidneys. But Will also has two daughters, twins, who both need a kidney transplant. How far will he go to save the lives of his girls? But this is no tender tear-jerker. Fitzgerald has worked as a parole officer and social worker, and she doesn't shy away from gritty language and scenes, from violence or crime. I didn't like her characters but I was sufficiently interested in the outcome to read it in one sitting.
review 2: I've read the Amazo
... moren reviews on this one with increasing incredulity. Recommended to fans of Diane Chamberlain and Jodi Picoult? Really? This is a really black tale set in Glasgow, set among the useless and hopeless, with some of the most disfunctional and unlikeable characters I've ever come across. Will is boredom personified, Georgie (one daughter) is someone you'd cross the street to avoid, Kay, the other daughter, is so perfect she could sprout wings. The mother - selfish drug addict with no redeeming features. So why did I have a tear in my eye at the end? I'm getting to really love Helen Fitzgerald's angry, edgy writing. Loved this one... but if you're expecting a Jodi Picoult style treatment you'll be so disappointed. less
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Geen 'hoogstaande literatuur', maar leuk en boeiend om tussendoor te lezen.
A thrilling story about two very ill girls and a fathers though decisions.
Bit Draggy
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