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The Cry (2013)

by Helen Fitzgerald(Favorite Author)
3.66 of 5 Votes: 4
0571287700 (ISBN13: 9780571287703)
Faber & Faber
review 1: The story moves back and forth between 3 different times in the story- the beginning before the child is missing, after the child is missing and the trial of the mother of a missing infant. Anyone who has ever traveled on a long flight with an infant will completely relate to the mother at the beginning of this book and really for much of the story after that. There are a few twists in the plot to keep the reader guessing, but over all it seemed vaguely familiar, as though I had read another book with almost the same plot.
review 2: A very intriguing read. Not quite what I'd expected, but in this case that was a good thing. I liked reading the story from different points of view, and was glad that Alistair's wasn't included. Joanna and Alexandra's voices were e
... morenough to give overview. Nice twist at the end, as well - very unexpected. I'm actually curious to know more about what happens to the characters after the end, but at the same time, it ended at a good place and adding more probably would have ruined this extremely good novel. less
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I'd like to explore this author's work more. What I'd really enjoy is a discussion!
I enjoyed this book. The fear was palpable at times! A story of love, loss and fear.
I enjoyed the way the characters were portrayed, all connected by Alistair's lies.
Deep, dark book... So easy to fall for the BIG lie and live with it.
A read that keeps you gripped all the way through
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