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The Red Winter (2014)

by Henry H. Neff(Favorite Author)
4.21 of 5 Votes: 8
0375971386 (ISBN13: 9780375971389)
Random House Books for Young Readers
The Tapestry
review 1: One of the best endings to a series I have ever read. The story was just beautiful. There's no words, no GIFs to express it. I have never cried because of a book in my entire life, but The Red Winter is one of the very, very few books that came close.Absolutely no complaints other than that it was only released as an e-book, and wasn't in any online libraries-- a shame, but it's well worth buying anyway.
review 2: I read the acknowledgements of the book. I normally don't practise this. I read the section "about the author". I almost never do this. Only a few books come by every few years that make me fall in love with the protagonists, plot, setting and most of all, the God-posing, other-worldly, partly-insane antagonist, so much that I would just 'devour' the
... morebook cover to cover. Ever since Book 1, I've loved this series. At first, I thought it would be any other series containing magic & folklore. Oh no. Dear God no. What separated this series from others were three important things:1. A dramatic and crafty antagonist (thank you Astaroth)2. Various use of folklore and rich vocabulary (I loved the words found in the book. 3. The plot. Some authors find bad endings as too... bad. But throughout this series, I've read a few endings that were bad. The author killed off so many characters that the public loved. He even left forsaken the world to the change from the Book of Thoth and eradication of modern society! Who does that? HENRY H NEFF DOES!!! Because of that, these last five books have just been fantastic. Development of characters, change in atmosphere and reawakening of legends has helped me open my eyes on the concepts of magic, our society's problems, and myself personally. I am so very excited to read another book written by Henry H Neff in the near future. (Five stars à l'auteur) less
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aaight. its been a while since i read all this, but i want to be clear: the tapestry has a hell of a lot going for it. brilliant melding of the heroic to the mundane in the verdant world it crafts for itself, excellent symblolisms so subtle they are easy to miss absolutely riddling the book, action sequences and tender moments so well paced you feel you are there in it, and glorious melding of myth, magic, fantasy, and science fiction in a saga that tenderly recalls the heroic irish spirit. the whole series is a must. it is better than harry potter, percy jackson and the olympians,and is on a level with the dresden files and the chronicles of camoor. no question. some reservations; thought the final portrayal of astaroth to be a bit hamfisted, thought the investigation to discover who he was to be rather simple, and the glitch with the book of thoth was poorly built up. the ending was unclear. still an aewsome book in an awesome series; not the most awesome in my opinion; thats either book 2 or 3.
Beautiful!!! I can not express this ending in any other expression. Simply exquisite!!!
Need. This. Now.
Can't wait!
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