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The Secret Prophecy (2012)

by Herbie Brennan(Favorite Author)
3.5 of 5 Votes: 3
0062071807 (ISBN13: 9780062071804)
Balzer + Bray
review 1: This book was so dumb but also amazing but more dumb. I didn't like Em at all because instead of being a smart uni student, he had the brains of a 12 year old. Charlotte, I felt, was just there to do whatever Em asks her to do and then leaves. She brings up major plot points (Spoiler: like that book code thing, she figured that out, and how she told Em about the truth towards the end). She was hardly there even if she was the one figuring things out. Victor was ugh. How was he even head of Sector 7. He's a disappoinment in ways that I cannot articulate. The middle of the book just made me very angry at how dumb everything was because Em trusts so easily and isn't very smart. I would have given it 2 stars had it not had an alright ending. The climax was particularly engagin... moreg and it was the only part of the book that I was not rolling my eyes at Em or the author. Read this book if you like voluntarily annotating every single thing that is dumb and annoyong in books you read.
review 2: This book was so freaking good!!! (thanks Mrs. Taylor for giving me a chance to read it!) I was never bored with this book; there were surprises at every turn. Just when I start thinking I've figured things out and I know how it's gonna end: BAM!! something big just happened, something changed and I am most certainly not complaining! The best part? There most certainly is a second book to come (I am 99% sure) less
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This is a Da Vinci Code for middle grades. Very formulaic but lots of adventure.
Decent read. I just read Dan Brown's Inferno, which has a similar plot thread.
It was ok. The characters were blah and the story was slow.
too juv
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