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Evil In All Its Disguises (2013)

by Hilary Davidson(Favorite Author)
3.7 of 5 Votes: 3
076533352X (ISBN13: 9780765333520)
Forge Books
Lily Moore Mystery
review 1: The protagonist in this book (by an author that I have not read before) is a travel book writer--which is a job that I would love to have at this point in my life. Unfortuantely, the trip that is featured in this book is really a trap. She goes to Acapulco (which is depicted as a town that is part its prime in a tourism way--(which is consistent with my visit 15 years ago)--so why she agreed to go is a bit of a mystery, but she is kept captive, needs to be rescued, and gradually unravels who all th ebad guys are. She is not a cowboy--she is just a regular girl, which is a nice change from other murder mysteries.
review 2: It wasn't quite a 4 star because of the language and the utter depravity of the bad guy. Lily Moore who's a travel writer finds herself in
... more Acapulco on a press trip and things start going wrong the minute she steps into the hotel. A friend and fellow writer, Skye, goes missing and the hotel doesn't seem to have any guests except the 6 people on the press trip and yet the head of the hotel says it's making tons of money. How can that be. Of course Lily solves the mystery and the murder but not almost gets killed (of course) less
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A quick engaging read...I liked the ending...hope to see Lily and Bruxton together for an adventure
Third in series featuring travel writer.Lily Moore. Great series best read in order.
This story was wonderful. It was well written. I enjoyed the author.
Excellent! Each one is better than the last!
This was 3.5 star read for me.
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