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Wishing For Tomorrow: The Sequel To A Little Princess (2009)

by Hilary McKay(Favorite Author)
3.64 of 5 Votes: 5
0340956534 (ISBN13: 9780340956533)
Hodder Children's Books
review 1: This book is so amazing. At first I thought that it would be boring and I thought that It was strange that the original book and the sequel didn't share the same author but I soon realised why and I am very glad that 'Wishing for tomorrow' has been written. I would recommend it to everyone who has read 'A little princess' and found it amazing!! I wish that it was a little bit longer maybe and maybe another sequel....
review 2: I saw this and my first thought was WTF? No way! I like many others loved and adored and took to heart A Little Princess (how much so? My daughter's name is Sara). I'm reading some positive reviews so I'll keep my knee from jerking. My old fashioned self says these modern writers should keep their hands off our beloved classics. On th
... moree other hand, it is such a testimonial to characters and stories that imprint themselves on our psyches so deeply that we can never truly let them go.It turned out this was a quite charming sequel. Ms. McKay did not try to imitate Burnett's style, and of course did not have the old fashioned, Dickensian feel of the times Burnett wrote it. Still the author managed to breath fresh life into the background characters, and even introducing a memorable character (Alice) of her own. It was nice to see everyone else get their perfect "happy endings." I adored it, but didn't love it the way I did A Little Princess - but then, can anyone love something the same way an 8 year old can completely and unbiasedly love something? less
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Wonderful, I am delighted to know what happened after all. But I am wondering what next?
It is so fun to have a sequel to one of our favorite books! We enjoyed it!
I can't remember much of this book, but it was a decent sequel.
Just perfect.
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