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Just Call My Name (2014)

by Holly Goldberg Sloan(Favorite Author)
3.86 of 5 Votes: 3
0316122815 (ISBN13: 9780316122818)
Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
I'll Be There
review 1: At first I was all like: "Why would we need a sequel to I'll Be There, it had a pretty good ending!" But then I read Just Call My Name and I'm actually glad I did. The same bittersweet tone, with multiple points of view and the red thread that is Fate all resonate again here. The same characters are back and new ones are introduced. The blurb is slightly misleading and - without giving any spoilers here - Sam and Emily are stronger than ever. Obviously Clarence is back to ruin everyone's lives and another nailbiting third act sees as much action as the forest adventures in I'll Be There. A must read for anyone who likes romance, fate and Sam & Emily.
review 2: When I read this Just Call My Name I didn't realize it was a sequel until about 1/5 of the way through
... more the book. Prior to the novel starting, Emily's family has decided to help Sam and his younger brother. Without reading the first book the reader doesn't quite know how the helping all transpired, but the reader does know that Sam's younger brother lives with Emily's family while Sam lives in a near-by apartment and is in daily contact with the family. This novel is told through the eyes of all the characters which can be distracting to some readers as there are almost 10 different points of view to keep track of. But readers who stick with it will find a heart-warming story where Sam and Emily learn to trust each other and their instincts while they confront Sam's father. less
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i had no idea that there was a book before this or that it was a series... whoops
This author is one of my current favorites.
WILl there be another? I hope so!
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