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Senselessness (2004)

by Horacio Castellanos Moya(Favorite Author)
3.91 of 5 Votes: 3
0811217078 (ISBN13: 9780811217071)
New Directions
review 1: Come on! "I'm not complete in the mind" (Who actually is? What does it mean that?) becomes an excuse for a writer proofreading testimonies for the church in a Central American country to get laid with one of the victims who gave her account, and a friend of the latter. As many of the catchy phrases that sustain the plot in the same point, the use of phrases like this one illustrates the way the narrator-protagonist quotes randomly the account he is editing, as selecting 'poetic' passages. Disappointing.
review 2: A low 4.Here is paranoia embodied by the run-on sentence. I felt breathless even while reading quietly in my head. The best thing this little book has going for it is the juxtaposition of elegant language with gut wrenching inhumanity, and its eventual
... more unlikely ability to convey horror and invoke empathy. Less spellbinding were the characters and the brevity. I wish this had been stretched out and allowed to breathe, to mellow, to ripen. less
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Despite How disturbing it was, it was extremley easy to get addicted to.
Can one function in a mundane world while terrorized in one's mind?
Hard to read due to the ridiculously long run-on sentences.
perfect beginning and ending
Very entertaining.
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