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Kom Met Mij (2013)

by Indigo Bloome(Favorite Author)
3.62 of 5 Votes: 3
9401600767 (ISBN13: 9789401600767)
Xander Uitgevers
Avalon Trilogy
review 1: Pleasantly surprised by book#3. Enjoyed the other two, but was not overly eager and excited to wait for the last book. However, it being a trilogy I had to read the third book. I started reading it with a little hesitation but soon became very intrigued, making this an absolute great ending to the trilogy!!! The road to the typical happily ever after took a completely different turn to get there! This definitely topped the other 2 books together!
review 2: While I loved this trilogy I found this third book not quite as good as the other two. I did love the suspense of not knowing what was going on but never saw this outcome at all. I often found myself thinking it maybe went a little bit too far fetched. It just seemed to end for me thinking that it was prett
... morey much just about the threesome involving Alexandra, Jeremy and Leo and now what there are other women like Alex that Leo is protecting?? So she wasn't that special after all...I don't know it just baffled me alot of the time as to what was really going on. I still loved how much Jeremy and Alexandra adored one another and how much Jeremy wanted to protect her. And the ending for them was adorable...I'm glad they got to have a family of their own. less
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although this was very far fetched i really enjoyed this series and would read again.
was disappointed with this book the endings was that great
Loved the last book! So happy for Alexa and Jeremy!
I didn't really get into this series.
a very good book
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