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No Proper Lady (2011)

by Isabel Cooper(Favorite Author)
3.27 of 5 Votes: 3
1402259522 (ISBN13: 9781402259524)
Sourcebooks Casablanca
review 1: The worst part of this book was the grisly opening scene, and I almost put it down then. I'm glad I didn't, because it turned out pretty OK after all. Yes, the characters were shallow, and the "romance" aspect was unconvincing, but the setting and plot were Not Bad. The "Magic" part of the story, which should have been central, was a little sketchy. I might read the next book in this series from my library, but would not buy it.
review 2: This is sort of a combination “The Terminator” and “My Fair Lady”. Joan, daughter of Arthur and Leia, is sent back in time from 2088, America, to 1888 England to kill a dark mage who has written a book of dark magic that is inadvertently released around 1988 and causes an apocalypse ruled by dark monsters. She must d
... moreestroy the book and the man, Alex Reynell. She appears in a magic circle on Simon Grenville’s estate. He and Alex learned magic together as boys, but Simon stayed on the good side. He agrees to help Joan because Alex attempted a possession of his sister which Simon barely was able to exorcise. Several weeks are spent at the estate getting Joan ready to go into Society and planning a strategy. I enjoyed this tale of magic with a strong modern female trying to understand the customs of a different world.Simon and Joan’s relationship is a slow growth and satisfying. less
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not enough teminator!
I was bored. The end.
This is a great book!
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