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My Hot Fireman (2013)

by Isabella Johns(Favorite Author)
3.78 of 5 Votes: 5
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My Hot
review 1: Oh Wow, I received this book in exchange of an honest review, and I would like to thank Isabella for this wonderful little read! It wasn't at all what I was expecting, what I was expecting in all honesty was just a quick read with sex scenes and not much substance in dialogue, but boy was I wrong and what a nice surprise this was, and I would specifically like to congratulate her for putting on paper something which most of us women would like to fantasise about, I would like to think all of us at some point would like to recreate a scenario being with the fireman, policeman, doctor, coca-cola commercial guy! Hehe etc, specially if they all look like how Paul was described, but as this is the real world we can only live vicariously through this book, It was very cleverly ... morewritten, as it was witty but also had plenty use of the descriptive, great sex scenes and I guess the ability to make your own HEA. I thoroughly recommend it!
review 2: Intrigued by the cover, but was still expecting something generic. Was I wrong. The main character, a single working mom, is very real. Mostly focused on raising her daughter and running her own business. Not interested in a husband, nor does she have the time for a boyfriend. But she would love a buddy with benefits. Along comes Fireman Paul, the new probie across the street from her apartment building. Sparks soon fly. Very visual, but even the scents and flavors rise up from the page. And it's not just that you're FEELING everything, but Isabella Johns seems to know all of your sensual thoughts when a man gets it just right.Highly recommended! less
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A great short read and steamy. It was nice to read about someone that wasn't in their 20's.
This is basically a steamy short story. Its just pure erotica with no real storyline.
A nice combination of character development, story twists, and steamy sex!
Anyone know the guy on the cover?
A quick and sexy read.
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