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Anvil Of God (2013)

by J. Boyce Gleason(Favorite Author)
3.95 of 5 Votes: 1
1475990197 (ISBN13: 9781475990195)
The Carolingian Chronicles
review 1: Anvil of God is raw, lusty and violent, probably like the real Carolingians about whom this historical novel was written. If you are a prissy academic, or someone who is put-off by graphic sex and violence, then you might not enjoy this novel. If on the other hand you can appreciate historical fiction that is lush and vivid, then you'll love this book. I'll admit that I was at at first shocked by the first graphic sex scene and was tempted to put this book aside. That would have been a mistake. After reading the entire book, I concluded that the sex and violence was not at all gratuitous, but integral to this tale of power, intrigue and conquest. Anvil of God is a graphic novel, historical novel and action/adventure novel all in one fast-paced, exciting read. It's rare to ... morefind a real historical novelist that can deliver both scholarship and excitement.
review 2: For a histfic fan like me, it's very rare--and exciting-- to read about a character and events I know nothing about. Anvil of God, about Charles Martel, aka Charles the Hammer, and his family, would have been a great read for that reason alone. However, Gleason does a wonderful job fleshing out the characters and putting them in a colorful, authentic setting. There's lots of battle scenes, but also a nice amount of romance. Highly recommended. less
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Pretty good - worth waiting for the next one. I hope it isn't years like George R.R. Martin!
A great read in the vein of Bernard Cornwell.
really good book, cant wait for the next one!
Great read! Looking forward to the sequel.
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