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Cold-Case Christianity: A Homicide Detective Investigates The Claims Of The Gospels (2013)

by J. Warner Wallace(Favorite Author)
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1434704696 (ISBN13: 9781434704696)
David C. Cook
review 1: Raised in the Catholic church and going to Catholic schools, I had little experience with the New Testament. It was read from the altar in selected bits and pieces, and my literal and skeptical approach to life did not allow for much interest in what was said. Nearly 10 years ago, after a life-shaking event, I embarked on a literary quest to attempt to figure out what I could believe about what I could not "know." That tour through the world's acquired wisdom included the atheist literature as well as the oldest book in print, the Bible. Like C.S. Lewis I found the style of Old Testament mythical and the New Testament like reporting. Still, I had little sense of reality about the events chronicled. Cold Case Christianity, however brought me up short and made me realize ... morehow I had applied little to no critical thinking to the process of reading the New Testament. A homicide detective's approach to critical thinking may not suit everyone, but for me, someone used to medical diagnosis based largely on symptomatic history, Wallace's methods of observation opened my mind. One of the oldest reported stories handed down through the years seems much less easy to dismiss - unless, of course, you are married to the to the totally naturalistic view of the world we live in. I am not.
review 2: Apologetics with an interesting twist: I was drawn to this book because I enjoy apologetics and I enjoy mystery/crime dramas. The book did not disappoint. The first section was a little slow for me, since it was mostly a review of classical Christian apologetics but it also laid out the foundation of the author's arguments. Section two really took off for me both through laying out facts that were new to me and putting them together with a compelling argument. Great reinforcement for Christians and challenging for seekers. less
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One of the best apologetic books I have read. Evidence examined in a new and fresh way.
not yet rated despite star(couldn't remove). HAVE NOT READ!
Clear and convincing. Really glad I read this.
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