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Truck Stop (2000)

by Jack Kilborn(Favorite Author)
3.92 of 5 Votes: 1
review 1: This was a pretty good quick read that I finished in a single sitting one afternoon. There are some parts that were a bit too graphic for me and turned my stomach, but overall it wasn't a terrible book. I am giving two stars, just because 3 is "liked it" and I am not sure that I can rate it that. The plot was fairly creative and it did leave me wanting to read more from the author. There are just some parts that were a bit "creepy".
review 2: I just started reading J.A. Konrath so I decided to read this short story. Man, oh man!! Just when I thought I heard or read some of the sick things humans do to each other, I get another rude awakening. This story involves 2 psychos and Jack Daniels (my she-ro). Jack is on her way to meet her fiance when she stops to
... moregrab something to eat, unaware there are 2 killers sitting next to her, or knowing what they have been doing and plan on doing with her. ***READER BEWARE*** You must have a strong stomach to read this book. less
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Love it....LOVED it - did I mention that I loved this book????
Great novella ' fast paced and never gets boring !
Not as scary as Afraid, but worth the read
Very gorey and gross.
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