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Revolutionaries: A New History Of The Invention Of America (2010)

by Jack Rakove(Favorite Author)
3.8 of 5 Votes: 3
0618267468 (ISBN13: 9780618267460)
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
review 1: It was a fun read. Not only does the book touch on the famous major players of the revolution, it also discussed the lives of some of the leaders that I hadn't read much about before, for example Henry Laurens, George Mason, John Dickinson, and others. The format is similar to Ellis' Founding Brothers or American Creation, where the author chooses a handful of shorter stories to tell, rather than attempting a comprehensive history. The book is appropriate for people newly interested in the American Revolution and for those who are well-read in that area.
review 2: This author's previous works are heavily academic. This book, though clearly the result of a scholar's research and discipline, is very readable. The insights into what our Founding Fathers brought
... more to the debate about independence, the form of government and the rights of all men in the new America are fascinating. Rakove so recreates collective and individual thinking of the times that one sees the magnitude of the political and economic revolutions as I never viewed them before. The portraits of the individual actors on this stage show their strengths, flaws and interpersonal rivalries. ENJOY!!! less
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Old ground already thoroughly plowed by others. I found this book tedious in the extreme.
For me, it was a good second step back into the history of our country's foundation.
Well written and researched, but a very slooooow read.
and 1/2
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