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Blutrote Schwestern (2010)

by Jackson Pearce(Favorite Author)
3.68 of 5 Votes: 4
3426283522 (ISBN13: 9783426283523)
Fairytale Retellings
review 1: This was very interesting to read. I personally loved the book. I liked the idea of the retelling of Little Red Riding Hood (one of my favourite tales) with a few twists. While it isn't completely flawless, I still enjoyed reading every page of it.I really do like how Scarlett is the strong character with a goal to eliminate the Fenris. Her character itself was just outstanding and I connected to her right off the bat. I actually liked her more than I did Rosie or Silas. But overall, the characters were very well thought out and had their own challenges to face.I have read this book 2 times and still love this fairy tale. Glad to have it on my shelf!
review 2: This was the first fairytale retelling I had read in a very long time, and I was not sure whether or n
... moreot I would enjoy it. This book was not as I pictured it to be; it was a lot more contemporary and relate-able than I had expected.I will admit that I grew very fond of both Silas and Rosie. The characters were very well written, and I felt that I could identify with Rosie's worries about needing to satisfy Scarlett, despite it contradicting her heart. I very much loved Rosie's chapters and the way the character thought and handled situations. Scarlett, however, was another story. It was only her that stopped me giving this book a 5-star rating and a place on my 'favourites shelf'. Unlike her sister, I found Scarlett to be a totally confusing and selfish character. Her views were so self-centred, and the way she treated her little sister at times was dreadful. I get that she feels that it is her responsibility to help others around her, but it was painful to read the parts where she preached to Rosie about how to behave, when it was clearly hurting Rosie's feelings. I feel that the characterisation crossed the line from 'pitying Scarlett' to 'loathing the self-centred cow'.The plot twist was very obvious from the beginning, which at the time disappointed me a bit. However, in hindsight, I did like the climax of the book, despite having called the outcome many chapters earlier. I wouldn't have changed it, and it was unfortunate that the nature of the situation made the plot twist inevitable.I'm glad I read this book, as I enjoyed the story immensely, however I was so disappointed in the characterisation of Scarlett March that it resulted in this unnecessarily dropping a star and the opportunity to be my favourite read of the summer. less
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Sometimes I feel it got a little off track, but I loved this book and would definitely recommend it.
Great cover art.
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