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Therapist (2014)

by Jaden Wilkes(Favorite Author)
3.62 of 5 Votes: 3
1497455448 (ISBN13: 9781497455443)
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review 1: It has almost everything I look for in a book really. The ending could only be called twisted really, not quite sad but not quite happy either. I'm not really feeling bad or angry about anybody, even about Blythe, I can frame some form of empathy in my head. Alexandre of course long before in the book earned my respect and admiration. (I know, weird.) Everyone but Jane, plain Jane! Somehow even all the wicked and twisted thing Alex done, or Blythe can walk through in my scale. I don't know really why, but not Jane. I cannot make it pass in my head as acceptable. Even though she could mainly be considered as 'passive' most of the book. Could be disappointment but mainly being unable to accept, Yes. Ugh!!! Seriously great book, sooo real! So very standing on the ground. Seri... moreously well written. I'm not talking about the sex scenes or whatever. Though they spice things up I never minded if they were literally kept in the background or cut very short. They are no necessity. I loved Alexandre as a character. The layers of both his character and the plot have been really very carefully and very well peeled off. 5 stars!! Personal favourite!!
review 2: This one just did not capture me and I found the ramblings to be to much. I found myself skimming through only reading one or two sentences in a paragraph just trying to get to the end. The end was good to get to the plot but it was short lived and did not make the book. I have read other books by this author and enjoyed them. I think that being locked in the characters head on this one just did not do it for me, and I think I was maybe expecting something a bit more dark. less
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Very clever, and a good twist!
DNF! SO not for me.
Twisted but great
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