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House Of Rumour, The: A Novel (2013)

by Jake Arnott(Favorite Author)
3.39 of 5 Votes: 3
1469283409 (ISBN13: 9781469283401)
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review 1: Connected stories follow the history of science fiction from the 1930s to the present, much through the not quite all American boy, Larry Zagorski. World War II interferes and adds to the writing, introducing us to Ian Fleming during his formative secret services career where he gathered his James Bond stories. Stories and books are interchangeable with life, the world, and other metaphors. Fiction and fact are interwoven, Utopias ruined and writers are disillusioned. In other words, a fun read!
review 2: I've never read one of Arnott's books before,so what a treat to run across this one. Sci-fi writers, historical conspiracies, Bond! All kinds of great stuff for good literary yet pulpy fun. The narration is clear and expressive, with a great range of voices an
... mored accents. I'm looking forward to looking at all the real-world Easter eggs on the book's website. My attention did wander a bit near the end as the loose threads (this book doesn't really follow a linear plot), but that was only partly because the book wanders a bit; I think some of the themes explored near the end are better read than listened to. less
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A series of stories based on the major arcana of the Thoth deck. Pretty cool concept.
A nice idea, but ultimately unsatisfying: I didn't care about the main characters.
Clever writing but the story did not grip and keep hold of me.
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