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Before Bethlehem (2013)

by James Flerlage(Favorite Author)
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0989828107 (ISBN13: 9780989828109)
Dreamscapes Publishing
review 1: This book tells the story of how Joseph and Mary were brought together and how Jesus came to be. It is fiction, so obviously the writer can take many liberties with the story. Joseph was married, had children, his wife dies and many of the children are already off on their own with their own families. Mary having come from parents who could not have children until she was miraculously born, near the end of their lives and then raised as a protected child/woman (pure/virgin) by the temple rabbis. Because Joseph is from the lineage of David, he is 'chosen' as the 'father' of this virgin pregnancy. The timeline of the story doesn't follow the Christian calendar --being that Jesus is born on the Day of Atonement, which would typically fall in September or early October ve... morersus Christmas time (in December), the three "wise" men come after his circumcision, 8 days following the birth and the family has to immediately leave for Egypt following the "wise men's " visit and then Bethlehem is burned to the ground by Herod's men.That all being said, it is an interesting read, giving one some thoughts on what 'could have been' in the lives of Jews prior to the birth of Jesus. Interesting take on the status of Jewish women in those days as well.
review 2: So descriptive is the text that I felt I was trudging through the Holy Land with the family-in-waiting. Challenges that are alluded to in sacred scriptures are given possible "fleshed out" explanations as the story unfolds. This is a novel yet one that James Flerlage has researched meticulously. The relatives, friends and even the potential enemies of the yet unborn Jesus come to life, warts and all.Christmas is a few months away, but I'm already thinking of people to whom I might give copies of Before Bethlehem as gifts.Is it too much to hope that After Bethlehem might be in the works? less
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Why do I even bother with free e-books? Errors abound. Story just so so.
I found this was a very thoughtful version of the nativity story.
Tells the story of the events leading up to the Nativity.
Love it. Highly recommend.
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